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The Story of BDG Tech

To Infinity and Beyond!

The origin of our company can be traced back to 2017 in Uruguay, with the merger of two companies with over 15 years of experience each in the global market.
The primary goal of our company is to maximize the ROI of each project, in order for the impact of our software development to be efficient from the beginning.
We currently have operating sites in Mexico, Spain, the United States and Colombia.

Core Business

We are a boutique software development company with a vast experience in the financial market. Our main focus and expertise comprise four areas: onboarding, security, UX/UI and big data.


Our RDI department creates new tools and technologies to offer our clients added value.

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About Us

What We Do best

Consultancy Services

Analysis, design, requirements, scopes, planning and strategy maps.


Web and mobile. Native, progressive and hybrid development, based on agile planning.


Interfaces specially designed to achieve the highest degree of usability.

Business Development

We develop technology projects for highly influential ventures and startups, to which we provide software development and business models.

Testing & QA

We perform QA testing to every product developed by us and by third parties to ensure the best user experience.


Our support adapts to the needs and infrastructure of each business. We have specialists who can offer all kinds of support. .

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Our Services

Our Latest Solutions

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Our Solutions

Success stories! Portfolio

Abbott International

Abbott International needed a digital tool to connect with its customers —health professionals— in an innovative way that would also create knowledge about certain medical specialties.
Our company provided the design and development of the mobile app PRO OCT, for users to learn through lessons and games, while generating a learning community.

Metro de Medellín

We have developed, along with the Metro de Medellín (Medellín subway) and the support of private and public companies, a software that can integrate with the official Metro de Medellín app, to offer proximity data—using beacon technology and geofences—to the subway users.
Additionally, we added an offline voice-guided navigation function to our software for the visually impaired.
We gave access to the Metro de Medellín to more than 4,000 visually impaired passengers, and now they are able to navigate the stations easily thanks to the proximity sensors and the offline voice guide.

BBVA Spain "Anida Project"

Along with Ole Agency, we have created, designed, and developed the public real estate website Anida— funded by the BBVA bank—for buying, selling, and renting houses and apartments.
The key aspect of this platform was that it covered the whole Spain. It allowed for the arrangement of appointments, designation of an agent for each property, receipt of offers, and credit allocation—everything on the website.
Moreover, the back office was designed along with BBVA to handle all the information and conduct document reviews, unifying the management and the administration, and providing the bank with a single connected information system.

MORE Money Transfers App

MORE Money Transfers entrusted BDG Tech with the development of its website and mobile app—design, UX/UI, development, and engineering—in order to have its own digital agency.
The development of the mobile app and the website required the implementation of artificial intelligence to read official identity documents, perform facial and text recognition, and use liveness detection, which are validators and security tools.

Carrusel Deportivo

Carrusel Deportivo is a symbol of Spanish radio. We have developed its mobile app, which covers national and international leagues and competitions.
This task included design and user experience, ads and announcements, audio broadcasting, statistics, news about various European competitions, and the connection with several live games.

Secretaria de Desarrollo Económico Sustentable del Estado de Guanajuato

As part of the modernization process of the brand of the state of Guanajuato, the Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico Sustentable (Department of Sustainable Economic Development) hired BDG Tech’s services to develop the official Marca GTO mobile app. The aim of this software was to create a single digital platform for all the micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises using the Marca GTO trademark.
On the app, users can first request and obtain the trademark license to belong to the community and then advertise their products and services, use the marketplace to find stores and points of sale, and contact customers.

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